macOS virtualized AMI changelog

macOS virtualized AMI changelog

Jul 1, 2024

This AMI listing has multiple actively updated versions:

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Updates #

AMI version 2024W24-sonoma15 and 2024W24-ventura15 #

  • This AMI has been split into multiple active versions (two at the moment). From now on, each version contains only a single VM image. See what’s included in these two versions here and here. This change results in smaller disk size per AMI version.
  • Xcode 15.4 has been added to the 2024W24-sonoma15 version

Stack update v2024W14-1 #

  • Brew package updates
  • Xcode 15.3 added

Stack update v2024W03 #

  • Brew package updates
  • Xcode 15.2 added

Stack update v2023W47 #

Initial version