Android & Docker stacks changelog

Android & Docker stacks changelog

Nov 7, 2023

Bitrise stacks are updated continuously according to the stack update policy. This page is updated every time a new update is released to one of the Linux-based stacks.

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Updates #

Stack update v2023-11-06 #

  • Multiple Node.js versions are now preinstalled via ASDF:
    • Node 16 (default, just like before)
    • Node 18 (LTS with security support)
    • Node 20 (active LTS)
    • Node 21 (latest)
  • Note: version files like .node-version and .npmrc are not automatically applied to avoid a breaking change. The only version file that has an effect on the selected version is .tool-versions.

Stack update v2023-08-28 #

  • Android SDK packages for Android 14 (platforms;android-34 and system-images;android-34;google_apis;x86_64) and preinstalled. The system-images;android-26 package is no longer preinstalled.

Stack update v2023-08-11 #

  • Android emulator has been upgraded to 32.1.14
  • Removed system-wide Ruby 2 install according to the deprecation timeline

Stack update v2023-08-07 #

  • ASDF version aliases: tools managed via ASDF got special alias versions for every major and major.minor version. These aliases always point to the latest installed patch version and can be selected like the regular versions. Examples:

    • asdf global ruby 3.2
    • asdf global python 3.11
  • Android command-line tools package upgraded to 9.0

  • Gradle (system-wide) updated to 8.2.1

  • Kotlin (system-wide) updated to 1.9.0

Stack update v2023-06-28 #

  • The default Ruby version has changed from 2.7.6 to 3.2.2. See the previous deprecation notice for more details. Reverting back to the previous default version can be done (for a limited time) by activating the system-wide Ruby version with asdf global ruby system.

Stack update v2023-06-09 #

  • The latest Android build tools versions are now preinstalled (added 33.0.1 and 34.0.0)