Ubuntu 22.04 for Android & Docker

Ubuntu 22.04 for Android & Docker

Apr 23, 2024

Bitrise stacks are updated continuously according to the stack update policy. This page is updated every time a new update is released to one of the Linux-based stacks.

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Updates #

Stack update v2024-04-22 #

  • Android emulator upgrade: 34.1.19 -> 34.1.20
  • Fixed building OpenSSL-related dependencies (e.g. Ruby gems) from source by preinstalling the libssl-dev package
  • Added an Automated Test Device emulator system image (system-images;android-34;aosp_atd;x86_64)
  • The Docker daemon is now configured to use mirror.gcr.io as a registry mirror ( more info)

Stack update v2024-03-18 #

  • Android emulator upgrade: 33.1.24 -> 34.1.19
  • Go 1.22 is now preinstalled, 1.20 is no longer installed
  • Node.js minor and patch version upgrades (Node 18, 20, 21)

Stack update v2024-02-05 (released 2024-02-08) #

  • The build-essential meta-package (containing gcc, libc-dev, make and other packages) is now instaled. This fixes Ruby gem installs that depend on native code compilation.
  • The bzip package and CLI command are now installed

Stack update v2024-01-24 #

Initial release of this new stack based on Ubuntu 22.

A summary of changes compared to the Ubuntu 20.04 is available here.