Xcode 15.0 with edge updates changelog

Xcode 15.0 with edge updates changelog

Nov 29, 2023

Bitrise stacks are updated continuously according to the stack update policy.

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Updates #

Stack update v2023-11-24 (released on 2023-11-29) #

  • Fixed duplicate iOS simulator devices for iOS 17.0
  • Brew package updates

Stack update v2023-11-15 #

  • The default Node.js version is now Node 20, the active LTS release
  • Node 18 is no longer installed
  • Node 21, the latest version is now preinstalled
  • Ruby 3.0.0 and 3.0.3 have been replaced with 3.0.6, the latest 3.0.x Ruby
  • Brew package upgrades

Stack update v2023-11-06 (released on 2023-11-09) #

  • Brew package upgrades

Stack update v2023-10-27 #

  • Brew package and cache update

Stack update v2023-10-12 #

Stack update v2023-10-04 #

Known issue: Because Xcode 15.1 Beta 1 is installed side-by-side on the same VM and because its matching iOS simulator runtime is iOS 17.0.1, it could cause conflicts with the simulator of Xcode 15.0 (iOS 17.0). Workaround: Xcode test destinations should specify OS=17.0 instead of OS=latest.

  • swift-format updated to version 509
  • Go 1.20.7 updated to 1.20.8, 1.21.0 updated to 1.21.1
  • Node.js 20.5.1 updated to 20.6.1

Stack update v2023-09-13 #

Stack update v2023-09-05 #

  • Added simulator versions: iOS 15.5, iOS 16.4, watchOS 9.4 and visionOS 1.0
  • Go 1.21 pre-installed and set as default.

Stack update v2023-08-30 #

  • Xcode 15 Beta 8 is available, replacing Beta 7.
  • The default Node.js version has changed to 18 (from 20) as this is the current LTS version. Node 20 remains installed as the most up-to-date version, but Node 18 is going to be the default version when Xcode 15 becomes stable.
  • Fix brew cask related issues.

Stack update v2023-08-23 #

  • Xcode 15 Beta 7 is available, replacing Beta 6.
  • macOS has been upgraded from 13.4 to 13.5
  • Ruby 3.1.3 has been temporarily removed because of build failures. Ruby 3.1.4 is still installed, we recommend using that version or the version alias 3.1.
  • Android SDK packages platform-33 and platform-34 are now preinstalled

Stack update v2023-08-07 #

  • Xcode 15 Beta 6 is available, replacing Beta 5
  • Deprecated Ruby 2.x versions have been removed according to the deprecation timeline

Stack update v2023-08-02 #

  • Brew cache update & security fixes.
  • Ruby version 3.1.0 has been removed as it’s been broken for a while. Version 3.1.0 cannot be reliably installed on macOS because of this bug; the first fixed version of the 3.1 series is 3.1.3. This version is available preinstalled.

Stack update v2023-07-26 #

  • Xcode 15 Beta 5 is available, replacing Beta 4.
  • Preinstalled Ruby gems such as cocoapods and fastlane are now installed for all available Ruby versions.

Stack update v2023-07-18 #

  • Tool version aliases: tools managed via ASDF got special alias versions for every major and major.minor version. These aliases always point to the latest installed patch version and can be selected like the regular versions. Examples:
    • asdf global ruby 3.2
    • asdf global nodejs 19
    • asdf global golang 1.20
  • Default tool versions are now set to major.minor aliases and the exact patch version might change in the future:
    • Ruby: 3.2
    • Golang: 1.20
    • Node.js: 20.4

Stack update v2023-07-12 #

Stack update v2023-07-06 #

  • Xcode 15 Beta 3 is available, replacing Beta 2.
  • Tuist has been updated to version 3.20
  • The following simulator runtimes are now installed:
    • iOS 16.4
    • tvOS 16.4
    • watchOS 9.4

Stack update v2023-06-22 #

  • Ruby versions are now managed via asdf. During the transition period, both rbenv and asdf are installed and can be used, but we recommend migrating to asdf, which also manages Node.js and Go versions on the stacks.
  • Default Ruby version has changed from 2.7.6 to 3.2.2 according to the deprecation plan.
  • Each installed iOS simulator runtime now has a device named Bitrise iOS default. This name is constant across all runtime versions, but the real device type changes based on the iOS version. You can use this device name in test steps and destination specifiers and be sure that it’s going to be available across all Xcode and runtime versions.
  • The cmake; Android SDK package is now preinstalled
  • OpenUPM CLI is now preinstalled
  • swift-format is now preinstalled