Xcode 15.3 changelog

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Updates #

Stack update v2024-04-15 (released on 2024-04-18) #

  • Brew dependency mirror update

Stack update v2024-04-09 (released on 2024-04-11) #

  • Brew dependency mirror update

Stack update v2024-04-03 (released on 2024-04-04) #

Stack update v2024-03-18 (released on 2024-03-21) #

  • Brew dependency mirror update

Stack update v2024-03-12 (released on 2024-03-15) #

  • Brew dependency mirror update
  • Ruby 3.3.0 added
  • Ruby 3.2.2 is replaced by 3.2.3
  • Go 1.21.1 is replaced by 1.21.8
  • NodeJS 21.2.0 is replaced by 21.6.2
  • NodeJS 20.9.0 is replaced by 20.11.1
  • NodeJS 18.18.2 is replaced by 18.19.1

To ensure your workflows remain efficient and utilize the most recent tool updates, we recommend using version aliases in your configurations. Version aliases help you automatically adopt new patch versions without the need for manual updates. For detailed information on how to use version aliases with your Bitrise stacks, please refer to our Version Aliases Documentation

Stack update v2024-03-06 #

Initial stack release.